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Best in class technology. Industry leading pricing. Outstanding support.

GREMLIN tank monitors combine best in class technology and exceptional support at a price point that makes it easy to build a more profitable future.  Propane and heating oil companies with more than 1,500,000 combined customers are now using our GREMLIN tank monitors to transform their delivery efficiency and differentiate their brand.  We are the fastest growing monitor solution in the delivered fuel industry.

Why do leading propane and heating oil companies choose GREMLIN tank monitors?

Stop Guessing. Start Saving

GREMLIN tank monitors are amazingly accurate, have extended battery life, install in 10 minutes, provide customized alerts and send readings directly into your back office software, which makes it a breeze to impact your business. LEARN MORE

Upgrade Your Customer’s Experience

The GREMLIN consumer app lets your customers to check their tank levels and fuel use anytime from anywhere.  With a tap of their finger, they connect to your website or call your office, and the app delivers your push notifications.  CLICK HERE to see exactly what the new breed of customers is looking for.

An Appreciating Asset

The GREMLIN is part of a suite of solutions from Angus Energy, a company completely focused on enhancing the success and profitability of propane and heating oil delivery companies.  When you invest in GREMLIN, you acquire a strategic partner with stability and a 25-year track record of incubating some of the industry’s most innovative solutions. LEARN MORE


GREMLIN Propane Monitors

While the cost of trucks and insurance keeps rising, propane deliveries are getting even less efficient.     And don’t even talk about how hard it is to find qualified drivers.  Discover how GREMLIN Propane Monitors can make LP stand for Larger Profits.

GREMLIN Heating Oil Monitors

A national study found that 41% of all heating oil deliveries are either too small to make money or too big to confidently avoid run outs.  The old K-factor models just can’t keep up any more.   Find out how the GREMLIN heating oil monitors can modernize your deliveries overnight.


“We started using Gremlin monitors on our heating oil tanks about a year and a half ago and they have been wonderful. Monitoring our automatic accounts saves us both time and money. We are delivering 30% fewer times to every Gremlin monitored customer tank. With less labor and wear on our trucks, this has been a very profitable venture. Our company plans to put a Gremlin tank monitor on every customer tank by the end of this year.”

Joshua Walsh, John’s Oil

“We truly appreciate the relationship that has been established and the reliability of the Gremlin tank monitors. It has been a fantastic decision and probably the most seamless project that I have ever been a part of. You have a quality product and the supporting staff are absolutely amazing. Cannot say enough about all of you.”

Kris Kalicicki, Weaver Energy

“We’ve been using tank monitors for just about 15 years. The Angus team is very good about assistance, support and training. Installations have been pretty easy, because the GREMLIN has a very good [Dealer] app for our installers that takes them step by step pretty simply.” Read why Gary has trusted monitors for 15 years

Gary Sippin, Sippin Energy Products

“The GREMLINs are an absolute game changer. I’m seeing that already in terms of increasing gallons per delivery. Customers love the smartphone app that shows them the fuel in their tank, and they have greater confidence in us. Our CSR’s, technicians and drivers have all come board with it. It is amazing what it feels like to take the guesswork out of deliveries.”

Martin Romanelli, Burt’s Reliable

“This winter the weather has not affected our bottom line, thanks to Angus Energy. We now have a well-planned budget in place, have access to real-time data through BRITE, our price programs increased customer retention and now with GREMLIN tank monitors in the field, we know precisely who to deliver to and when. The combination of these Angus Solutions has generated results that have frankly taken me by surprise…”

Eli Van Etten, Van Etten

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