GREMLIN tank monitors give you 100% confidence in your propane and heating oil provider.

GREMLIN tank monitors ensure that your propane and heating oil needs are going to be handled with the least chance of run outs. The monitor attaches to your tank, takes ultrasonic readings of your fuel levels, and communicates that to your fuel company.

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You can download an app for your smartphone or tablet that lets you see the same data as your fuel company anytime, from anywhere. You can see how much fuel you’ve been using, and connect with your fuel provider at the tap of an icon.

GREMLIN monitors are sold and supported by a network of propane and heating oil companies throughout the country.  If your company is offering one to you, it means they are absolutely committed to ensuring you get the fuel you need, when you need it, and not when you don’t.  They are among the minority of fuel companies who are using modern technology to ensure their customers stay safe and warm.

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“GREMLIN Tank Monitors is quite simply an amazing company. I recently had experience with one of their GREMLIN monitors—which monitors the oil level in a home oil tank and automatically sends that information to the oil company and customer’s smartphone. After my oil company installed the monitor, I realized it wasn’t working but also found that the oil company didn’t seem as if they knew how to fix it. I called the main number of GREMLIN Tank Monitors and got someone in Finance who couldn’t help me but who immediately reached out to a tech person on a plane! That tech person, Zack, then called me early the next day to walk me through fixing the problem. I was simply astounded by the level of customer service—this company clearly cares about its products and cares about its customers. They have a great product and great service! I can’t say enough good things about my experience, which is so unlike many experiences with products and companies these days.” 

J. Gionfriddo in Middletown, CT

“I bought a propane GREMLIN monitor for my home a month ago and so far it’s a great device.   I set it up by myself through the interactive guidance app and it was easy and fast.  I now can log onto my GREMLIN app each day and see my percentage gauge and flip to another screen and see my daily gallon levels and gallon usage.”   

Joe Stariha, Duluth, Minnesota


Q: “I forgot my app password. How do I reset it?”

A: From the GREMLIN Tank Monitor app log-in screen, click the question mark on the left side of the password field. This will bring you to the “Reset Password” screen where you can type in your username and we will send the password reset instructions to the email address we have on file.


Q: “I entered my login information incorrectly and am locked out of my account. How do I regain access?”

A: After 4 failed log-in attempts, the app will automatically lock your account for safety purposes. To unlock your account, please call GREMLIN Support at 833-850-6200 and a team member will unlock your account.

Q: “How do I download the GREMLIN app?” 

A: To download the GREMLIN app, simply go to the iTunes Store or Google Play and search “GREMLIN Tank Monitor.” Click here for step-by-step instructions for Apple or Android or watch this short video tutorial.

Q: “I’m seeing a solid red light on my GREMLIN® heating oil tank monitor. What does that mean?”

A: If you hold the magnet or button on the tank monitor too long, your GREMLIN will reset itself. This solid red light indicates that your GREMLIN has been reset and will need to be reconnected. Open your GREMLIN app, go to the menu and click “GREMLIN® Wifi” to be prompted to reset your GREMLIN.

Q: I have a GREMLIN heating oil monitor that connects through Wifi and I changed my router or Wifi provider. What do I need to do to reset it?”

A: You can try to manually “wake up” your GREMLIN by following our step-by-step instructions for Apple or Android or you can watch a quick video tutorial for Apple or Android. If you are still having problems connecting to the GREMLIN, then you should contact your fuel company to further troubleshoot the issue.

Still Have Questions?

Contact GREMLIN support at 833-850-6200

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