Propane Monitor FAQs

Our monitor works on a 4G network and our default carrier is AT&T with T-Mobile as the back-up. AT&T’s network coverage can be found at

There are two ways to attach the propane monitor to the tank. The main method will be the use of zip ties, included with the monitor, to securely attach it to the tank. There are also brackets on the monitors that allow the monitor to be attached with screws to nearby structures. The monitors use a Rochester remote gauge that attaches to a remote ready gauge on the tank.

The monitors are capable of being installed in less than 10 minutes. Your installer will utilize the free GREMLIN Dealer smartphone app to assign the monitor to a customer and tank and provision the monitor. The monitor attaches to the tank with magnets and a Rochester gauge.

Each GREMLIN comes with an industrial Lithium battery that will last 7 years with one transmission a day. The battery life can be extended by configuring the monitors to report less often. For instance, the monitor can be triggered to report only after the level reaches 50%. Batteries are replaceable by the dealer.

The GREMLIN suite of monitors combines best in class reliability with market leading affordability. The GREMLIN monitors are manufactured by Tekelek LLC from Ireland, a leading provider of remote monitoring products. They have over 1.5 million monitoring products deployed worldwide. Each GREMLIN monitor has been deployed for 5-10 years in Europe before now being brought to North America.

  • Angus provides data integration to the most common BOS systems for no additional cost (minimum order required)
  • You have access to a co-branded consumer app
  • Angus Energy is a reliable and proven partner to the fuel industry for over 25 years.
  • High touch training and ongoing service, all included with your order.

All GREMLINs come with a two year warranty.

During the pilot, you will go to the GREMLIN web portal to view daily fuel levels for each tank. It will also identify any deliveries made that week and the delivery size. This information can be used to compare the monitor reported fuel level with the degree day estimate in your BOS.  After purchase, your GREMLIN purchase comes with a free integration to your back-office system. Currently supported BOS’s include ADDs, BlueCow, Cargas, AWE with more integrations coming soon. For more information about BOS integrations, please contact us. ADDs requires the Smart Connect module. The GREMLIN monitors generally transmit each night and those reading are collected and stored in the Angus Energy TMS (Tank Monitoring System). The data is automatically checked, and alerts are generated for missing readings, low tank level, and many others. Alerts can be sent to the appropriate person(s) in the company and can be viewed in the Dealer Web Portal. Tank level reading are pushed into the customer BOS each night.

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