Coping With Cold Snaps Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

You know the feeling. It happens like clockwork every time there is a severe cold snap or snow storm. Customer Panic. Calls flood your office from customers worried they’ll runout when you know they should have plenty. You and your team are scrambling, trying to triage your base, figure out who to get to first, but you are relying on k-factor “best guesses.” Drivers are working in harsh conditions as the storm moves in, overtime is adding up. And, when customers do run out, despite your best efforts, you face the very real possibility that they will leave.

The last couple of weeks were no different. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

We have developed our GREMLIN® Tank Monitors using the very best in class technology and communication. It is an industry game-changer.


● You stop guessing who needs a delivery first. You know exactly what’s in their tank, and can prioritize your routes with confidence- before, during and after the storm.

● Customers can see their actual fuel level on their smartphones and how much they’ve been using each day. Panic calls drop, and those who do call are more easily persuaded that they can wait a little while for a delivery.

● CSR’s are freed up to handle more true emergencies, drivers go to the right homes, and techs don’t show up to fix a heating system when it’s really a runout.

● Overtime and employee safety are managed more effectively as deliveries are based on accurate information.

● Spring and Fall deliveries are much more efficient too, especially since so many customers now use ancillary heat sources in shoulder months.

This revolutionary technology provides your operation with efficiency, higher customer satisfaction, and greater profitability regardless of market or weather conditions.

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