A tank monitor will not make bigger deliveries. Do you agree?

by Philip Baratz, president of Angus Energy

Ask yourself “What is the goal for utilizing tank monitors”?

  • Is it to avoid runouts? As fewer than 1% of customers experience a runout in a typical year that’s probably not it
  • Is it to know what’s in the tank? That is certainly helpful but how exactly will you act on that information? 0 for 2…
  • Is it to increase profitability? Yes, but is that enough?

It’s actually a combination: Increased profits without increasing the risk of runouts, that is truly the goal.

Now you need to ask yourself: How will I increase profits with information? What is my strategy going to be? Do I strive for larger deliveries? How about fewer deliveries?

Watch our video to find out all this and more!!

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