Who needs monitors the most?

Written by: Philip Baratz, president of Angus Energy

It might come as news that on average, 70% of all dealer operating expenses are directly related to fuel delivery.  These expenses include trucks (and everything needed keep them running) as well as Dispatch and Delivery personnel (and all their associated costs).

Tank Monitors: you’ve heard about them, you may have tested a few and may even have decided it’s time to start investing in monitors to improve efficiency, but where do you start? Where do you put the first, second and third batch of monitors you purchase?

Here are several typical approaches to prioritize installations:

  • Any customer who has had a runout
  • Any customer who has ALMOST had a runout
  • Any customer who gets small deliveries
  • All new customers
  • All customers

These approaches make sense in certain situations, but we want to introduce a new concept that starts with a simple question:

Which of your customers are you least confident in making a predictable delivery?  In other words, which customers deliveries are all over the place no matter what you’ve done to predict the amount of fuel they need?

You actually have all of the information that you need to determine the installation priorities sitting in your Back-Office systems, just waiting for you to pull the data and look at it.

Our Insight video will explore this topic in more detail, in under 10 minutes.  We think you’ll find it a good return on your investment of time!

Making the decision to add monitors IS a big deal.  Using tools to make that decision undeniably the right one is a bigger deal.


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